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We love football. We also love Wales.

So a show about football in Wales kind of makes sense to us.

Our focus is on the Wales national team and the historic journey that Chris Coleman’s boys are on.

But also all the matters that face Welsh football, be that youth development, women’s football, fan owned clubs, or special interviews with legends of Welsh football or those journalists that we respect the most.

We don’t really mind. We’re all about the game.

Pitched between fans and professionalism, we aim to provide something that’s not out there right now. Quality, insightful and funny.

We’re two blokes, (Laurence and Alex by the way, hi there!), who just want to talk football. So let’s get on it!

Laurence Mora

Hi, I’m Laurence co-host of the EatSleepFootyRepeat podcast.In August 2015 I came home so to speak and took up an offer by talkSPORT to be its Welsh football correspondent.

Before that I’d spent 7 years at Sky News Radio, and been lucky enough to cover major events like the Olympics and Paralympics, Wimbledon, European Championships and not quite so lucky to cover England at the World Cup in Brazil.

Although it’s fair to say the party in Rio wasn’t exactly badly affected badly as Roy Hodgson’s team packed their bags after the group stages.

I started my radio career at Real Radio Wales, where I saw first hand Alex’s broadcasting prowess, and have watched with excitement as Wales national team developed from horribly under supported to what is now a history making confident well supported outfit.

Currently I also work on a freelance basis for Sky Sports News as a reporter, and for Sky News as a producer.

If you have an idea and want to get involved we’d love to hear from you. Not going to guarantee that we’ll do it, the standard will have to be pretty high but we’ll definitely listen.


Alex Feeney

Hi, I’m Alex, and I’m one half of the excellent EatSleepFootyRepeat.

In my none football life I do communications in the public sector. So I need an outlet!

In a previous life I was a superbly average radio producer and broadcaster lucky enough to work for Sky News, Five Live, Talksport and others.

I once produced a radio programme about the English Premier League in Mandarin, broadcasting to an audience of 58 million people. I don’t speak Mandarin. Not a word.

Among people of a certain age in south Wales I’m mostly known for a frankly terrifying piece of broadcasting involving a massive row between Welsh footballing wall flowers Leighton James and Robbie Savage. It’s still on Youtube and as been viewed more than 49 thousand times!

I also claim to have launched Robbie Savage’s punditry career. Sorry about that.

On EatSleepFootyRepeat I’m the loud obnoxious one who knows sod all about football. Thankfully my co-host, the talented and ever-patient Mr Laurence Mora, provides some of the more salient points to give the show an air of respectability.

I don’t like mushy peas. Or overuse of exclamation marks!!!! But I do like irony. And sarcasm. And short sentences.

Why Welsh football? Well, why the hell not? I’m in Wales, there is football, I quite like football, so it deserves covering.

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